Hinge Doors01

Hinged Doors offer a simplistic design style as well as being discrete or bold in appearance whilst creating the perfect opener to outside patios, entertainment areas and garden areas.

Baro Facade & construction Installation will install hinged aluminium doors within your home or office premises. If you want timber we can do that too.

The door stiles and rails are substantially strong and can incorporate thicker glass types such as double glazing.

The deep top and bottom rails are also capable of further expansion by a rail extender for a more traditional look.

Enjoyed by homeowners, builders, and architects, this timeless and classic design is seen all around the world. Hinged doors, sometimes referred to as swing doors or French doors, are an elegant and optimal way to showcase a thoroughfare of your home or space. Be it the garden, patio, terrace, or outside space, hinged aluminium doors are a great way to maximise movement from room to room.

B&W Windows and Doors provides a wide range of designs and customisation options, so you can complete your space with the perfect hinged door. Our double hinged doors or French doors are perfect for joining or separating two spaces. If you are looking for external doors leading to an outside space or internal doors to connect two rooms, we provide versatile configurations. Make a lasting impression and stand out with a hinged aluminium door for your throughway or entryway with our customisation options. 

Designed and manufactured by Sydney’s leading aluminium hinged door experts, your hinged doors are made-to-order to meet your specific requirements. Since we are local, we can really make anything custom to your order. Look at options for our aluminium French doors and browse our gallery showing examples of our doors.