Double Hung Windows01

Baro Facade & construction Installation supplies and installs Double Hung replacement windows and they are available in a variety of styles and options to suit every budget and all with little effort to raise and lower.

Double hung windows come with a traditional cam lock or key lock to guarantee security. Highest quality materials with architectural expression with virtually endless design options, including a collection of woods, unique shapes and sizes, unlimited exterior colors, standard and custom grille patterns and more.

So if you are thinking about interior designs, home renovations or home extensions then talk to the experts at Baro Facade & construction Installation.

Aluminium double hung windows feature two sashes which move up and down. When both sashes are closed, they are positioned one above the other, and when the window is opened the sashes overlap, creating an opening at the top and bottom. Double hung windows usually feature hidden cords or counterweights which hold the sashes in place and prevent the windows from opening or closing on their own. Due to their nature, aluminium double hung windows can open to a maximum of 50% of of the total window size, however give the advantage of promoting airflow, by allowing hot air to escape via the top gap while cold air enters via the bottom.

project type:
Windows & Doors
6 month
November 22, 2020